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Case Studies


Specifics how Magnum has helped solve problems:


o   Case Study A.

  • Problem: Company ABC received a warning from the ministry of Labour indicating that an access bridge was in a dangerous state of disrepair and required immediate action. Failure to secure the site would result in action from the Ministry that would have prevented customer access to ABC location.

  • Solution: Magnum Demolition arrived onsite, removed the dangerous components and provided a quick and safe temporary solution. These services were provided within 24 hours of receiving the request for assistance, and completed before the Ministry inspection.

  • Benefit: Company ABC was able to avoid loss of revenue resulting from limitations to customer access. ABC continued with daily operations uninterrupted while they searched for a long term solution.

o   Customer B.

  • Problem: Company XYZ experienced a fire in a warehouse location. The fire was contained but significant damage was caused by the water required to limit the fire from spreading. The building was unsafe for use until the situation was resolved.

  • Solution: Magnum Demolition engaged its highly trained staff to arrive onsite, in the evening once the sight was deemed safe to begin clean up. The job was completed by morning and XYZ was able to continue operations with minimal impact to business considering the extensive water damage.

  • Benefit: By responding immediately to an urgent need, Magnum Demolition allowed XYZ to continue operations despite the disruption by the fire. Performing the clean up overnight, during off hours, minimized the impact to XYZ day-to-day operations.

o   Customer C.

  • Problem: Company LMN was experiencing a serious leak in a concrete wall. Water was escaping from a pipe in a non-accessible area. This leak could potentially cause severe damage to the walls, including threatening the buildings stability.

  • Solution: Magnum Demolition engaged its specially trained staff to perform emergency concrete cutting, utilizing state of the art equipment to minimize damage and dust contamination. Access was quickly provided to the pipe, and local plumbing team was able to fix the leak. To conclude the project, Magnum dispatched a subsequent team to install a concrete block to infill the opening after the pipe was fixed.

  • Benefit: LMN was able to avoid significant costs by utilizing Magnum's ability and workforce specialized skill set to quickly provide access to the dangerous leak and complete the job by closing off the opening. Any delay in starting the project and providing access to the plumbers would have resulted in potentially irreparable damage to the wall and building.

o   Customer D.

  • Problem: Customer PQR had engaged an alternate demolition company to perform services. Shortly after the agreement, it became apparent the winning company would not be able to perform its contractual obligations on schedule, jeopardizing PQR subsequent subcontractors and putting the overall project schedule at risk.

  • Solution: Magnum Demolition's experienced staff provided a quick quote. Realizing schedule was key, additional resources were engaged to crunch the timeline and complete the job quickly. The 30,000 sq foot project was finished in less than 2 weeks.

  • Benefit: Magnum's experience made it clear what needed to be done to complete the project efficiently. By finishing the job ahead of schedule, Magnum allowed PQR to maintain their overall project schedule.


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